Artist Roger Holliss Carving

Although an engineer by vocation, I’ve drawn & painted since I was a child. Over the decades I’ve made lots of art pieces for family & friends, never thinking that the public would be interested in my art.


The tipping point was years ago when my daughter gave me small soapstone starting kit containing a crude partially profiled bear. I didn't like  the supplied photo instructions, so I went “rogue” & just did my own thing. Since that day, I’ve been making bigger & more complicated soapstone pieces ever since. 


Progress on newest piece

Between oil painting and soapsone, I get to enjoy the unique artistic charactoristics of both mediums.  My first love, painting,  provides me the opportunity to take a blank canvas and add layers of colour & light until the image jumps out of the canvas. 


Similar, but in a different way, I love the soapstone challenge /process of unlocking the gem hidden inside a chuck of soapstone.


Now I’m at the point where I am fortunate enough to have a growing clientele list & interest from local galleries where I’ll can share my gift of soapstone and oils with others.  Please enjoy the site.